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While some men would prefer the use of creams, gels and sprays to end early ejaculation (premature ejaculation), these are only temporary solutions and at times can be quite embarrassing to use infront of a woman. Here are some techniques, which could be termed ‘Quick fixes’ that will minimize your ejaculation problem.


1 Masturbate Prior to Having Sex

Masturbate about half an hour before sex. Most guys would swear this helps. This helps because after masturbation, it takes longer to ‘ build up’ during sex and thus allowing you to last longer.

2 Control Your Breathing

Proper controlled breathing can lead to relaxation and to last longer during sex you need to relax as much as you can. If you are tense, you are most likely to release the tension through ejaculation. So the focus should be to relax yourself. Take a deep breath every now and again during the act and exhale slowly. Reminding yourself to do this can be difficult at first, specially when the heat is on and the excitement is throbbing! But practice this regularly. Your own experience will help you realize that this is one of the best ways to overcome Premature Ejaculation(PE).

3 Make ‘Her Satisfaction’ the Ultimate Goal of Sex

Your focus should be on giving a woman an orgasm before you reach your own. The goal is her sexual excitement and her sexual pleasure. This shift in mindset alone could help you overcome rapid ejaculation. The mind plays a huge role in how your body functions, this is true even when it comes to PE!

4 Visualize Yourself Lasting Longer

Visualization is a powerful way of training your mind and preparing yourself to achieve any objective you want in life. Even the world’s greatest sportsmen visualize themselves winning their events before they actually take part in their all important events. You could do the same in overcoming your problem. Simply close your eyes and see in your mind’s eye, yourself lasting longer in bed. Visualize her moan and reach an orgasm, while you outlast her, feeling relaxed and in complete control. Remember not to get aroused during the visualization process, it is simply a mental exercise that will strengthen your mind to last longer during sex.

5 Use Masturbation for Better Endurance

While most guys’ PE problems stem from poor masturbation practices of quick gratification, masturbation is certainly one of the best ways to build amazing endurance. Forget the days where you would have a quick jerk off and go to bed. You are now on a mission! The mission of becoming the man who outlasts his woman every single time! So use masturbation to train your body and mind. Remember to masturbate slow and long. Use plenty of lube, preferably baby oil. Time yourself each time and strive to last longer than before. This is also a great way of understanding your body and understanding what kind of stimulation heightens your arousal. You can stop and take a deep breath if you are about to climax, and once you cool down, continue with the routine. You should think of masturbation as more of an exercise to build your sexual endurance than a way of sexual release.

6 Use Plenty of Lube during Sex

The greater the friction on your penis, the greater the stimulation. The greater the stimulation, the harder it is to last longer! So keep a bottle of lube handy during sex and use plenty of it to keep the friction to a minimum. Because remember, less friction means less stimulation! That means you will last longer!

7 Engage in Foreplay

If you can get the woman aroused even before you get down to business, then you have already done half the job! So use foreplay to your advantage. Kiss her, caress her, whisper sweet words to her and get her warmed up for the occasion!

8.Give Her Oral Sex

Most women love oral sex! Oral sex is a great way to turn the heat on the woman while you remain calm. You can give a woman orgasms through oral sex alone. (See Make Her Orgasm for more)

9 Use Distraction Techniques

Some guys find that focusing their thought on something other than sex such as a baseball game helps them suppress their arousal. However detaching yourself from the situation altogether and focusing on something else can be very difficult for most men and could even spoil the fun of sex. But if you think this might work for you, just give it a try.

10 Your Sex Position can help you Last Longer!

The sex position plays a huge factor in determining how long you can last. There are some positions that are ideal for a ‘quick sex’ while some are ideal for a slow grind. Some sex positions will promote greater flow of blood to the genitals, greater stimulation and sensations. To last longer in sex you should pick a position that drives less blood to the penis and doesn’t give a great deal of sensation to the penis. The woman-on-top positions could be a good option. (For a complete list of all the great positions go to Sex Positions)

To permanently overcome Early Ejaculation you need to train and condition your body and mind naturally to last longer.

Ejacualation by Command is a great programme which will guide you on how to overcome PE naturally and permanently! 


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