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Rapid ejaculation would not be much of a concern if your woman is receiving maximum pleasure and is well satisfied during sex. After all, the main reason for overcoming PE is to make sure the woman is well satisfied with the sexual side of the relationship. 

If you can give her mind blowing sex every time, and make her orgasm over and over again, then with or without PE, you are the King in bed!!

But to give a woman maximum sexual pleasure, you need to know the ‘hot spots’ of her body. Each woman is different, and it should also be your aim to discover her  ‘super hot spots’ during sex. Explore the wonders of her body and learn what really excites her and what really makes her climax. Keep in mind that sex is not merely a physical interaction, but also a mental and emotional exchange. So find out what thoughts really drive her wild and try to induce these thoughts in her during sex!


The clittoris (C-spot) is a highly sensitive sexual organ. Even though the visible part is only ¾ to 1¼ inches long, it is filled with nearly eight thousand nerve endings! This crown jewel sits right in front of the vaginal entrance and urethra, just beneath the point where the inner lips meet, and it extends into the body. It consists of 1) the clitoral glans (or glans clitoris), the visible, external tip or crown, which is the most sensitive part of a woman’s genitals, and 2) the clitoral shaft or corpus (body), which contains spongy erectile tissue, specifically a pair of corpora cavernosa (the same tissue that is found in the male’s penis). The clitoral body extends several centimeters into the internal anatomy, stretching upward and toward the back, before splitting, like a Y, into two longer, thinner parts, known as the crura, or “legs.” The clitoris’s erectile tissue wraps around the vaginal opening, urethra, urethral sponge, and vagina, making the vast majority of the clitoris’s five or so inches invisible. Far beyond a simple magic button, the clitoris is meant to electrify a woman’s entire reproductive system, if not her entire being, when stimulated.

The clitoris is enveloped by a sheath of tissue, an extension of the inner vulval lips, known as the clitoral hood. Gently pushing up the clitoral hood provides a better view of the glans. This hood protects the glans, especially from overstimulation. The glans folds into the hood just prior to orgasm, a reaction caused when a suspensory ligament that is attached to both glans and ovaries becomes stretched at peak arousal as the woman’s internal reproductive system braces for climax.

The size and appearance of the clitoris varies considerably from woman to woman. It may be as small as a seed pearl or as big as a child’s fingertip; some females have what is considered an “enlarged” clitoris. Some protrude more, while others remain more hidden. Some may swell more than the clitoral hood and lips during sexual excitement, becoming more visible and firmer, with the shaft elongating. Others may appear to retreat as the vaginal lips and hood swell to a greater extent. Generally, this pleasure dome becomes more prominent during early sexual arousal and stimulation and then withdraws as a female becomes even more turned on.



Why Is the Clitoris One of the Hottest Spots?

When a woman is sexually aroused, her clitoris swells as it fills with blood; it becomes “erect,” doubling in size as it hardens. This is possible because its internal structure consists of spongy, erectile bodies (the paired corpora cavernosa, plus paired clitoral, or vestibular, bulbs beneath the skin of the labia minora at the vaginal opening) that fill with blood.

The clitoris is deemed one of the prized hot spots of the female anatomy both because up to 75 percent of women need direct clitoral stimulation in order to climax during intercourse and also because it is so exquisitely sensitive to touch, pressure, and temperature. 

With its base extending from the top of the pubic bone to the anus, and consisting of extensive supporting tissue that connects it to the mons pubis and labia, the clitoris interacts with some fifteen thousand nerve fibers in a woman’s pelvic area! Furthermore, recent research conducted by Australian urologist Dr. Helen O’Connell has confirmed that the vagina is an extension of the clitoris.

G Spot

During sexual arousal, a woman’s vaginal walls fill with blood, causing the outer third of her vagina to swell and throb with desire. Likewise, the urethral sponge, a cluster of erectile tissue surrounding the urethra, becomes engorged with blood and swells during sexual excitement.

As the urethral sponge bulges, becoming firmer, the much sought-after G-spot comes to life. This hot spot consists of a small mass of spongy erectile nerve tissue, paraurethral ducts and glands, and blood vessels, all located between the pubic bone and the front of the cervix—about two inches in from the vaginal opening on the front (stomach) side of the vagina.

The size of the tissue and the paraurethral glands it contains vary from woman to woman, but in its unaroused state it is typically the size of a pea. When stimulated effectively, it becomes prominent, enlarging to about the size of a half dollar. The sensitive G-spot does not lie directly on the vaginal wall but can be felt through it, in the center or slightly to the left or right of the center.


Why Is the G-Spot One of the Hottest of the Hot Spots?

The G-spot’s appeal is twofold. First, as a woman goes through the sexual response cycle, this erogenous area becomes charged by one of the most powerful nerves in the body, the pelvic nerve, which is connected to the bladder, uterus, urethra, female prostate (another name for the G-spot), PC muscle, and uterine muscles. Compared to the clitoris, its pleasure release is not nearly as concentrated or as quick to peak. This spot’s erotic sensations simmer for some time when stimulated during sex play, leisurely reaching a boiling point before suddenly “rocking” a woman’s entire reproductive system with muscle spasms that penetrate her core being, leading to an explosive orgasmic eruption.

Secondly, having the G-spot massaged on a regular basis can increase genital blood flow when a woman experiences sexual arousal. This can lead to new sensations, helping some women to climax who may have been unable to do so before. Many women describe their reaction to G spot stimulation as a powerful flushing feeling that spreads throughout both the genitals and the entire body. When the G-spot is stimulated simultaneously with the clitoris, words can’t do the experience justice, but it’s something like a can’t-catch-my-breath, paralyzed-in-paradise state of mind, a melting-into-my-lover-while-being-launched-into-the-cosmos experience!

As if these responses weren’t enough, G-spot stimulation is also one more way to give multiple orgasms and to have her sexually charged over an extended period of time. Plus, it adds more natural lubrication to the whole affair, often resulting in female ejaculation for some women!


Mons Pubis

The mons pubis, is the fatty pad of tissue covering her pubic bone in the area where she sports pubic hair (if she hasn’t shaved). All too often ignored, this area, full of nerve endings, can be an erogenous zone if manipulated properly. Rubbing and stroking the mons can indirectly stimulate her clitoris. This is especially effective if you’re holding her and manually stimulating her from behind. Also, take a few moments during sex play to simply cup and hold the mons. Often unconsciously, having her mons area gently held can provide her with a calming, reassuring feeling. Using fingers to apply pressure on the mons area during intimacy can also enhance her orgasm; in particular, circular massaging motions can kick things up a notch.



Depending on the source, the U-spot refers to either the urethral sponge or the urethral opening, the protrusion between a woman’s clitoris and vaginal opening that expels urine. Because it is filled with nerve endings, the urethral opening can be a hot spot in some women when gently stimulated either before, during, or after orgasm; however, many women find such stimulation unpleasant or uncomfortable, or they feel nothing at all. So be sure your woman finds it pleasant before you step in. Some women find the U-spot more sensitive when their bladder is nearly full.

For women who are into this erogenous zone, the urethral opening becomes a raised nub when stimulated, possibly changing position slightly due to preorgasmic muscle contractions. An orgasm brought about by stimulation of the U-spot (what some people call a uterine orgasm) tends to be quieter than other types, but when the area is stimulated along with the G-spot, the resulting orgasm can be mind-blowing, often resulting in female ejaculation. To arouse this area, use lubricant, and circle, rub, or press the U-spot with your fingers making sure to gauge whether or not what you are doing feels good to her.




Breasts are secondary sex organs, packed with pleasure-receptive nerve endings that send sensations to the brain in the same way the genitals do. In women, each breast is composed of fatty and fibrous tissues that surround fifteen to twenty clusters of mammary glands. The mammary glands, each of which has a separate opening to the nipple, are capable of producing milk.

The nipples of women are surrounded by the areola and consist of smooth muscle fibers that cause them to become erect; for example, when cold or aroused. During sexual stimulation, the nipples fill with blood, becoming more sensitive to touch in some women. Depending on the woman’s skin tone, the areola can be any shade of brown, black, or pink; it may protrude, be flat, or be inverted in shape. With sexual excitement, the areolas darken and may become more erect, firm, or prominent.

Besides their visual appeal, the breasts are an active center of sexual energy. Sexual reflexology claims that the muscles underlying the breast directly reflect the genitals. Furthermore, a tremendous amount of sexual energy is freed by moving energy in and around the breast area, since the stomach channel, a primary meridian, runs through the breast. All of these facts, along with the many love points located throughout the chest area, make the breasts a glorious, double-your-fun erogenous hot spot.


The lips are among the body’s most sensitive spots since the mucous membranes that comprise them have a dense supply of nerve endings; specifically, touch and pressure receptors. Since the skin of the lips is very thin, these nerves lie close to the surface, making them more responsive to stimulation. As we become increasingly aroused, our lips become more fully engorged with blood, further heightening sensitivity. Sexual reflexology teaches that in deep (otherwise known as soul or French) kissing, the tongue reflects and connects lovers’ hearts via each partner’s Functional and Governor channels, creating a complete circuit of energy flow.

Most humans love being kissed. Our brain pays nearly twice as much attention to the lips as it does to the genitals. Consider how often you unconsciously lick or bite your lips as you’re thinking. Think about what a tease it is when somebody kisses you all over—how good the wetness, suction, and pressure feel. Think about how tantalizing not being kissed can be, especially when your love purposefully avoids your lips, kissing every other part of your face and neck in order to build anticipation. Think about how amazing it feels to receive an incredible kiss versus a mediocre one and how much this can play into your decision to want to go farther physically with a potential lover.

It is important to always give good attention to the act of kissing since it is one of the top ways to get turned on. Since some couples neglect this type of sex play after being together for a while, strive to pucker up while you’re working your other moves (e.g., as you run your hands all over your partner’s body) in order to take things up a level. Make sure you mix up your kissing techniques every time you embrace, depending on the mood.

Plunging straight into the mouth with your tongue may have its moments, but it gets really old if that’s all you do. Vary the intensity of your kisses, making them sometimes gentle and grazing, sometimes lip-lock passionately. Take turns being the active and passive kisser.

According to Eastern thought, the lips are related to the genitals. Tantric teachings hold that a nerve-like connection exists between a woman’s upper lip and her clitoris. When she’s kissed, the sensations run along the channel from her lip through her body to her clit. Having her visualize this flow of sexual energy during the kiss will help to enhance these sensations even more fully. Likewise, orally caressing her clitoris sends sensations through her body to her upper lip. By licking and sucking the lips of her mouth, you can stimulate her sexual organs. If you keep this in mind while you’re kissing, your movements may take on a whole new life.


The Buttocks

This is another major hot spot in a woman’s body. Most women would love to go anal, but few wouldn’t. So it’s upto you to find out if your woman is into it. This can be an exciting variation to your usual sex routine and often the vibrations from anal play are felt by a woman even in her genitals. When it comes to exploring this hot spot of a woman, patience, communication and a whole lot of lube is a must.

Learn how to give women mind blowing orgasms!

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