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Early ejaculation also known as Premature ejaculation (PE) or 'rapid ejaculation' is a condition where the man ejaculates sooner than he or his woman would like him to. In other words Early ejaculation could be defined as  the situation where the man blows up (ejaculates) before the woman reaches her orgasm. This definition of early ejaculation itself means that it is a vague term and hard to set out in stone.

         While early ejaculation could be defined as the man ejaculating before the woman reaches orgasm, it brings out the question; how long does a sexually vibrant woman take to reach an orgasm? If the woman takes longer than average to reach an orgasm, is it fair that you be labeled to be suffering from early ejaculation? Certainly not!

        Ultimately it all comes down to the attitude towards sex and the preferences you and your partner would share. 

       It might be difficult to clearly define early ejaculation, but when either you or your woman feels that you ejaculate too soon, you know you got a problem! 

It is a problem that could damage your masculine confidence, detriment the respect your woman has for you and ruin a perfect loving relationship.

Early ejaculation, as studies have shown, is distressingly a problem among a vast number of men. 

In fact, one in every four men is said to suffer from early ejaculation! 

This is a shockingly high statistic and begs the question what causes early ejaculation? 

 Did we always suffer from early ejaculation in this magnitude?

     It is needless to say, that we, as men, are sexually weaker than our great-grand fathers or grand-fathers were. It has been proven through studies that testosterone level in men of the present generation is far below that of the men that lived a few generations ago.


Male sexual confidence and sexual prowess is at an all time low! 

This could be attributed to many factors ranging from diet to lifestyle to social conditioning.

"We are feeding on processed junk filled with chemicals, we spend nearly 12 hours of the day motionless in front of a desk and our society is plagued with all kinds of poison injected by feminists that keep us from behaving anything like men!" 

 It’s not a surprise that male sexual prowess is at an all-time low and this weakness has resulted in men suffering from all kinds of insecurities; early ejaculation being one of them.

     Men who suffer from early ejaculation (Premature ejaculation) feel weak and less manly and endure depression, frustration, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. 

In the absence of the correct information early ejaculation can cause unspeakable psychological damage to men, since they believe that the woman is unsatisfied with the sexual side of the relationship.

 Sadly, early ejaculation can be a major blow to loving relationships, as unsatisfied women, craving for better love-making, end up giving up and cheating on their partners. 

While the behavior of such women is blameworthy, with all fairness to these women, they are simply gratifying a burning need they born with as women. 

Studies have proven that the brains of women are programmed to crave orgasms through deep, penetrative sex lasting to at least 10-12 minutes! 

It is in the tribal programming of women to crave penetrative sex, since that’s how it’s been done since the beginning of time! Women simply can’t help craving orgasms through penetrative sex, and it’s not even a conscious thought process but a primal instinct! 

While understanding this truth will help us get over any anger and frustration towards women, it also sets us a clear target to achieve as men. If we are to truly satisfy our women sexually, we need to reach the state where we could easily offer her 10 minutes of deep, penetrative sex! This certainly may seem like a tall order for a man suffering from early ejaculation.

 Early ejaculation sure can be a menace! But is there hope?

There certainly is!

Early ejaculation CAN be overcome and overcome permanently for good! 

Simply said, early ejaculation is a lack of sexual endurance, and through simple physical and mental conditioning your sexual endurance can be lifted until you overcome early ejaculation permanently for good! 

While this process of sexual conditioning will take time, there are great tips and advice you could follow to make sex rewarding and fun, for both yourself and your partner, until you permanently overcome early ejaculation. > Stop Early Ejaculation

If you truly want to fill your woman’s mind with loving, sexual thoughts of you, give her mind blowing orgasms and make her bond to you, then you surely need to overcome early ejaculation!


The key to bonding with a woman is to give her mind blowing orgasms and deep penetrative sex will bring her to orgasm, every time! 

Your relationship will never be at risk and your woman will consider you her King, once you get rid of the menace of early ejaculation!

 She would place you at the very highest level in her mind and consider you the man she can share any secret with. If you truly desire your woman to look up to you as her King and want her to trust her body, mind and soul to you, then you certainly must overcome early ejaculation!

Hundreds, if not thousands of men have overcome early ejaculation for good. So it CAN be done! What are you waiting for? The rewards are high, so wait no more! The sooner you take the first step, the sooner you will get there! 

Act NOW!

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Stop Early ejaculation


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